Have you ever thought about getting more involved in our community?

Do you have skills that could benefit our league?

How about just some free hands and some free time?

Then volunteering at CHPBA is for you!

Click to email us about joining one of our awesome committees!  No time commitment is too big or too small.  The committees that are looking for volunteers include:

Memorial Day Tournament (Chair Jim Ardell)
Responsible for planning our annual Memorial Day Tournament, including rules, website, field set up and generally running the  tournament.

Fundraising (Co-chairs Darin Greenblatt and Araceli Villegas)
Responsible for all fundraising events, including Bingo Night, Hit A Thon and sponsor outreach.

Community (Chair Brenda Hirschberg)
Responsible for community events, uniforms, junior ump program, parent surveys, and player mentor program.

Spring Season Events (Co-chairs Darin Greenblatt and Jim Ardell)
Responsible for Opening and Closing Day Ceremonies, Super Saturday, and photographer.

Snack Shack (Chair David Borshell)
Responsible for snack shack for Opening and Closing Day, Super Saturday and Memorial Day Tournament.

We work hard but we sure have fun, and we’d love to have you join us!